Mohammad Baig, LLC
Mohammad Baig, M.Ed., M.A.

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Mohammad helps his clients understand personal goals and objectives and discover the things that are holding them back. He assists in meeting these goals and objectives and ultimately creates a life in alignment with their values. Mohammad helps clients find balance in their lives, build positive relationships, and improve their outlook.

What is life coaching?

Let’s start with what life coaching isn’t.   Life coaching isn’t lying on a couch rehashing every detail of your less than ideal childhood. This is what a good therapist is for. They’re indispensible and highly recommended.  Life coaching isn’t paying for the pleasure of whining to someone about your unfair boss, inattentive husband, or ungrateful children. That’s why you have girlfriends, and they listen for free.  Life coaching has nothing to do with tarot cards, hypnosis, astrological signs or chakra alignment. Those things, while cool and great adventures, are just not life coachable.  And most importantly, life coaching isn’t a sign of weakness, or something to be ashamed of.  So what is this mysterious thing called life coaching then?  Life coaching is a future focused practice that leads the client through a series of processes, powerful questions and self- discovery, to create the life you have always desired.  Life coaching brings your values and desires into sharp focus. Get ready for the life, body, job, relationship, whatever your desire. 

What then is a life coach? A life coach is a professional assisting you in achieving that dream life, creating and holding the sacred space for you to “be” and grow at your pace.  Mohammad is the personal trainer for your dreams!  Mohammad believes in you, even when you have a tough time believing in you. Mohammad gives you accountability and acknowledgment.   Everything you need to know is right there deep inside you, and with each session you discover more and more of your own hidden gems, allowing dramatic and immediate change.

Your session

The first coaching session is usually a 2 to 3 hour foundation session in which the coach and client do a sacred dance that creates a lasting bond of trust. You guide the future conversation, bringing whatever is most important or requires resolution. • It is Mohammad's job to listen, contribute observations and ask powerful questions. It is this interaction that creates clarity and moves you into convincing and continuing action. You will be changed from the first session, guaranteed!

The benefits of life coaching 

Coaching accelerates your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. You only know what you know when you know it, right? The coaching interaction is so powerful that it brings all your thoughts, choices and ideas you didn’t even know you had to the surface, allows your creativity to explode, and brings things that were just possibilities to actual fruition.  This is all about where you are today and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be tomorrow.